At least I hope that this is my original WordPress site – The Power of LOVE! I was kicked off for months, very precious months that I wanted to be sharing with you, but was unable to access this site for some ‘cyber’ reason I don’t understand.

In that space I have been writing a new book, tentatively titled WAKING UP to Racism: Building Beloved Communities. I’ve been doing the work, publishing on a daily basis in Writing in Community, a Seth Godin 6-month workshop in which the aim is to write, edit and PUBLISH a new book! Very challenging.

Since the burning issue, in the midst of daily new deaths from Covid, was the recent, highly publicized killings of Black people by police, my heart was full of the need to do anything I possibly could do to stop the killings, join the shout that “Black Lives Matter” and be part of the antiracist movement to stop white supremacy.

I am hoping that many voices – Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Fannie Lou Hamer, Angela Davis, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ibram Kendi, Audre Lorde, Resmaa Menakem and all the other powerful African and African-American writers, leaders in the struggle for equity and justice in this world, will speak through my stories as they have through my life.

I have just finished editing some of the interviews with Diversity Workshop leaders who gathered to share their voices.

Hopefully you will join us on this journey!


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This might be a second "profile," not sure what happened to my 2010 profile??

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