Please pray!

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Dear Friends, 

Someone dear to me must pass a test tomorrow in order to carry out a huge creative project.  Please pray for her!  I stopped praying for a long period of my life when I decided I had no faith.  Then life crashed, got unbearable and some sort of prayer must have escaped my hard heart.  It was answered.  My life changed 180 degrees.  

I believe in prayer again, have now for decades.  Being cynical about its power when urged to take it up as a daily practice, I chose the ‘parking god’ to whom to pray.  Dang!  I started getting parking places like magic, got one in front of the passport office in DC!  “I’ll take this god as mine,” I said.  I found that invoking the parking god worked for anything related to cars, even extended to airplanes, travel, finding great vacation spots, sunsets, sunrises, a beautiful life.

So, will you please join me, just this once, in invoking the parking god on 1/14/21 for my friend?  Thank you, you won’t regret finding this new power!

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