Now More than Ever

When is a good time to practice Qi Gong?  Daily, early in the morning, outdoors, especially at the beach is our favorite time and place.  But the best answer is ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, every day – especially NOW.  

In these last few months, and increasingly in the last two weeks, our country has experienced intense health, economic, political and social upheaval.  We are all affected by these crises at a physical and psychic level.  If you have been feeling more agitation, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, isolation or despair, you are not alone.  Each of us, consciously or unconsciously is affected on some level by the pandemic, racism and attacks on democracy.

Qi Gong is a practice that will help us to touch our energy, release negative energy that blocks us from free movement, and nourish positive, healing, hopeful energy in our bodies, minds and spirits.

Join us every Tuesday from 7:00-7:30pm on zoom to practice Five Animal Play Qi Gong.  Enjoy becoming more rooted on earth, solid and powerful with Bear energy, more peaceful, confident and majestic with Deer energy.  Become an alert, agile, focused Monkey, and a graceful, flexible, concentrated Crane.  Feel the strength, power and courage of the Tiger in your arms, legs and torso.

FREE!!!! on zoom! Register today at

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